What We Do.

Advanced Steel Frames objective is to better service the Residential and Semi-commercial building
industry in South Australia.

Our frames are made from premium light gauge TRUE- CORE steel, in conjunction with Frame CAD
roll forming technology and the latest software, we offer what we believe is an unparalleled product,
with support, service, and quality to all our customers.

From design, and manufacture, to on-site installation we prefer to keep every aspect “IN HOUSE” which
gives us greater control of quality and helps to meet schedules and critical timelines.

Our Vision.

Our Experienced Design team works closely with our customers, and independent Architects to offer
the most cost efficient design with no compromises, followed by all certified documentation
necessary to achieve building rules consent.
Manufacturing takes place in our purpose designed facility with the emphasis on quality, safety and
a great working environment.

On site installation is carried out by one of our experienced teams, making sure that all aspects of
the Building Code followed, and on completion jobs the site left clean and tidy ready for the next
trades to follow.

Advanced Steel Frames specializes in manufacturing light gauge steel frames for residential and commercial building projects."